On February 24, 2022, the day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, the world changed.

And we changed.

We could not remain indifferent.

And we created the Photographers for Ukraine movement.

For the next few years (Ukraine's recovery will be slow and painful) we will be holding exhibitions/sales in February and October each year, giving 85% of the proceeds to Ukraine's children through Unicef.

The 85% of the receipts sent to Unicef are only possible due to the extreme generosity of photographers adhering to the Photographers for Ukraine movement, who provide us with three files of their favorite photos free of charge to be sold on our website, throughout the year.

The remaining 15% is intended to cover administrative costs.

All photographs have an edition of 10/10 copies and the price is the same for all, 150 euros/copy.

Technical details and purchases click on the photos.

Join us.

Together we make a difference.



Adelina Rvacheva - Ana Virtuoso -

Bárbara Ippedico - Carlota Flieg -

Catarina Homem - Choi Sungdong -

Chris Tuff

Dieter Wagner - Diogo Almeida - Donna Bassin - Dores Ribeiro - Edith Gould - Eduardo Amaro 

Emir BozkurtFernando Gonçalves -

Guy Needham - Isabel Pereira -

Jacobien de Korte - Joel Silva - Juan Tojo - Luis Dias Miguel

Luisa Costa Gomes - Mat Bonner -

Nuno Simão Gonçalves - Paula Goldman -

Reimund Schmidt-de-Caluwe

Ricardo Castro - Rui Serrano 


Holland - Turkey - Germany - Portugal - England - South Korea - Brasil - Italy - USA - Russia - New Zeland - Cuba


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