Maria das Dores Crespo Castanho Ribeiro, is from Lisbon (1948) where she lives. Graduated in Economics (ISEG), she did her Masters in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies (ISCTE).
She started in photography in the 1970s, being represented in the catalog of the exhibition “Fotografia Portuguesa 1970-1980“ shown in several countries. He participated in the project “Elétricos”, part of a group of photographers whose works are on deposit at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He was part of a collective that photographed the rehearsals of the play "Nobody" staged by Ricardo Pais.
Having interrupted his path in photography in 1980, he returned in 2018 when he started to collaborate with the ACMP Gallery ESPAÇOdARTES.

In May 2020 together with Fernando Gonçaves they created the Incubator Photo Gallery.


ACMP Art Space
Café Tati Gallery, Lisbon
1st Arts Meeting in Braga
2nd Arts Meeting in Braga
BShop of the Berardo Collection Museum
Fábrica Braço de Prata Gallery
Casa de Lamas Cultural Center in Vieira do Minho
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - Lisbon
JGS Foundation - New York - Link
Multiple private collections

May 2020
With Maria Ribeiro created the Incubator Photo Gallery.


Taking as a starting point vacant buildings from old factories, the author experiences these scenarios where he introduces figures who embody the role of actors, gaining the images a surreal aura with his presence. It is this latent surrealism that the author seeks, in a staging where the black aesthetic and the dreamlike atmosphere of abandoned places converge beyond the threshold of reality. The photos were taken between 2016 and 2020.


Eduardo is a photographer and film director and has worked in the audio visual field since 1998. He has a Masters in Cinema with a specialization in Movie Directing from “Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema” in Lisbon.

Eduardo is a certificated trainer and uses multimedia (cinema, photography, video, animation and sound) to work with children and teenagers to develop their creative skills.

In cinema he focuses on fictional and documentary filmmaking. He also participates in European Projects as a trainer and film director. As a photographer, Eduardo works for Food and Travel Portugal, and covered several music and photography events.

Eduardo has already directed 6 short author films, the last one “A Lost Film”, 11’, 2014.


According to modern standards of active successful growth passion for photography came to me pretty late in life. I have reached the acme (anc.-greek ακμή) age of 40, and my vision of the world has completed its formation from both, the aesthetic and visual, as well as spiritual and moral standpoints. That’s why everything that can be seen in my works is not a search of an artistic path or of a creative expression, but a pursuit to fill the frame withself-contained semantic load using visual methods available to my artistic education.

2018 – Grand Prix of the XXIV International Photo Festival Narva Autumn 2018, Narva,
2012 – Grand Prix of the All-Russian photo contest "Living Ocean and Coastal Zone" of
the Press Center of the Russian exposition at the World EXPO-2012 and Science and Life

Solo exhibitions:
2018 – Chukotka is a land of loneliness, House of Culture Rugodiv, Narva, Estonia.
2013, 2018 – Ordinary Photos, Odessa Museum Western & Eastern Art, Odessa,
Ukraine; Art Space, Vitebsk Center of the Modern Art, Vitebsk, Belarus.
2012-13 – 3 Outskirts: Karelia, Altai, Chukotka, GM Photo Gallery, Yekaterinburg;
Russian Museum of Photography, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; The First Sevastopol
International Photo Festival, Sevastopol, Ukraine.
2008 – WE, Feofaniya Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

Group exhibitions:
2020 – NoGa Creative Union, Thin Line Photo Festival, Odessa Museum Western &
Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine.
2016 – Life without pomp and parade, Central library M.Y. Lermontov, St.Petersburg,
2012 – Urban Environment, International Photofestival "Photo Days Ogre 2012", Ogre
Cultural Center, Museum of History and Art, Ogre, Latvia.
2012-13 – Our Stories, Series "We'll manage anything!", Project of the Mobile Photo
Exhibition The Photographic Angle, London – Bristol – Swindon – Birmingham – Crowley –
Slough – Bracknell – Chester – Leeds – Newcastle – Stockport – Croydon –Uxbridge
Milton Keynes – Peterborough, United Kingdom.
2012-13 – 200 Faces, Project of the Mobile Photo Exhibition The Photographic Angle,
London – Bristol – Swindon – Birmingham – Durham – Farnborough – Camberley – Crowley – Greenford, Great Britain.
2012-13 – Birthmarks on the map, Australian Photofestival Head On, gallery The Muse
at the Institute of Photography TAFE NSW, Sydney; The Photo Industry Fair PMA,
Melbourne Exhibition Center, Melbourne, Australia.
2011-13 – Invisible Country, Project Liberty.SU,White Cube Gallery, Omsk; Tomsk
Regional Museum of Local History, Tomsk; Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia.
2011 – We live in Russia, CDC of the South-Western Administrative District, Moscow,
2010 – Indifference, MArchI, Moscow, Russia.
2008-09 – Territory of Joy, Rumyantsev Mansion (branch of the State Museum of the
History of St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg; Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Pskov,
Russia; Center for Orthodox Culture, Bialystok, Poland; Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany; Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy, Voronezh; The scientific and cultural center of the museum-reserve Mikhailovskoye, Pskov region; The Nevskaya Curtain of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009 – My Favorite Province, Center for Culture and Art "Meridian", Moscow, Russia;
Russian Center for Science and Culture, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
2007 – Imagine Russia, Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House Gallery, Providence, Rhode
Island, USA.


Catarina Homem was born in Lisbon [Portugal] in 1983 and grew up in the Brussels and Luxembourg. She is currently living in Lisbon where she completed the 1st and 2nd degree of the Full Program in Photography at Ar.Co Art School. She is passionate about black and white photography, concert photography and travel photography.


Adriana Correia Oliveira (Lisbon, 1983) graduated in law and studied photography at In her artistic work she has researched how language and memory influence the construction of personal visual archives. She is a founder and programmer of Os Dois (cinema screenings) and also a founder and co-editor of Flop.


Street photographer living in Istanbul, Turkey. Member of Afyon Frig Photography Club since 2018. Awards in international photography competitions; 2017, FIAP Büyükçekmece Internatıonal Photography Awards, Mention at Open, 2017, Macedonia Koriton Kratovo Internatıonal Photography Awards, Ribbon Mention. 2018, Macedonia Koriton Kratovo Internatıonal Photography Awards, 2 Acceptions. 2018, FIAP IRAN MENTAL HEALTH INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Print Exibition at Open. 2019, FIAP Orhan Holding International Photography Awards, Print Exibition. 2019, IAAP Macedonia Koriton Kratovo Internatıonal Photography Awards, 3 Acceptions 2019, IAAP Macedonia Photo Story International Photography Awards, 8 Acceptions. 2019, FIAP World Cup Of Clubs 2 Accept for Afyon Frig Photography Club. 2020, FIAP HPS Anniversary 1952-2020 Elite Photo Salon Greece, 4 Acceptions. 2020, 35AWARDS 5Th Photography Awards,


Born in So Paulo, Brazil,in June 1967. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal, since 1992, and works as a freelancer graphic designer.

Likes drawing specially on paper with strong and vibrant colours.
Industrial Design degree at Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil. Exhibit her work in different places in Lisbon. Took part of Lisbon Cow Parade in 2006.




My photographic work is based on oriental ideas, aesthetics of space and emptiness. I hope it will be a calm and warm poem.

Choi Sungdong

South Korea

Born in 1961

Keimyung University Graphic Design 1981

Hongik University Graduate School Ad & Public Relations


LGAD 1987-2001

Newyork Festival Silver.Finalist 1997, 1999 (Advertisement)

London Festival Finalist 1997(Advertisement)

2019  Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA) Silver Winner 'Korea, The Land of M-orning Calm _Upo Wetland' series category _Fine Art, Landscape (Professional)

2019  Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA) Bronze Winner  'Poem for Autumn' series  category _Fine Art, Landscape (Professional)

2019  Tokyo international Foto Awards (TIFA) Honorable Mention Winner  'Song of the October' series  category _Nature, Trees (Professional)

2019  International Photograph Awards (IPA) Honorable Mention 'Korea, The Land of Morning Calm Upo Wetland' series category Fine Art, Landscape (Professional)

2019  International Photograph Awards (IPA) Honorable Mention 'Poem for Autumn' series category _Fine Art, Landscape (Professional)

2019  CD Album Photography

(German Jens Pauly )

2020  Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co.Ltd. VIP Calendar




Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. 

 Graphic design



Pulchri Studio, The Hague

de Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague

Gallery 44, The Hague

Gallery Kiekkus, Deventer

Gallery Polhus, Nijkerk 

Gallery Pand3, Philippine               

Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

Museum Thijnhof, Coevorden

City Museum, Harderwijk

Grachtengalerie, Utrecht

Gallery Artfusion, Amsterdam

Exhibitions abroad   

Castelet Excideuil, Excideuil,  France 

Cello Factory, London

The Mirror Gallery, Vicenza



033Fotostad, Amersfoort

Rotterdam Photo, Rotterdam

Art member at “Pulchri” & “De Haagse Kunstkring”, The Hague

Associated with  “Stroom”, The Hague


Between 2010 and 2013 I periodically lived in Ghana building a school in a remote village, it was here where my thoughts on humanity were changed for life. 

Within the simplest of lives, cut off from the modern world I met the most beautiful of people and a charm unique to any imagination and tried to capture this with my images. 

I especially like to work in black and white photography, as not only does it create beautiful images, it brings us a deeper look into texture, highlights contours and contrasts. 

It brings shadows to life in a dramatic and pure way. We unconsciously allow people to reflect in a moment they normally wouldn’t. 

They challenge perception, they capture elegance, they capture soul. 

Mat Bonner: Born Cornwall UK 1979, a Poet and passionate street photographer. He has a great love for candid, landscapes and architectural photography.  Capturing beauty in the likely and unlikely places.