Walking around cities amuses me, especially in Lisbon.

A city full of what I love. One day, everything is silent.

What was busy, gets calm, empty.  What was life, dies.

The silence fills the once noisy streets.

What was open now is closed space, blocked by padlocks, doors and brown papers.

Eduardo is a photographer and film director and has worked in the audio visual field since 1998. He has a Masters in Cinema with a specialization

in Movie Directing from “Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema” in Lisbon.

Eduardo is a certificated trainer and uses multimedia (cinema, photography, video, animation and sound) to work with children and teenagers

to develop their creative skills.

In cinema he focuses on fictional and documentary filmmaking.

He also participates in European Projects as a trainer and film director.

As a photographer, Eduardo works for Food and Travel Portugal, and covered several music and photography events.

Eduardo has already directed 6 short author films, the last one “A Lost Film”, 11’, 2014.