Is an itinerary that takes you somewhere else with your mind. A journey where photography merges with painting in order to tell Naples, a true and polyhedral city. In fact, the two artists invite us to look at reality with different eyes and capture the anthropological aspects in order to think about how a place, a detail or an expression can hide other worlds ready to be reinterpreted. Often, non-verbal language is the main character, as happens where a lonely young woman, with a bag in her hand, waits for a bus. An explosion of colors, a mix of decisive tones typical of POP comes out of each shot that mirrors the works on display. Ipdico and Capodiferro, extol “the lived beauty” and the multicultural side of a city that from now on is able to find a regenerating force to get up and walk. A strength that is never given, free from pretense. Over the centuries Naples has preserved its intimate world, becoming more and more the heart of the Mediterranean in terms of multiculturalism and integration.