Vittorio Gregotti (10 August 1927 – 15 March 2020)

was an Italian architect, born in Novara.

He was seen as both a member of the Neo-Avant Garde and a key figure in 1970s Postmodernism.



Free photos

Until the end of December, and to provide a less sad Christmas to Ukrainian children, we decided to offer, free of charge, 7 photographs of Fernando Gonçalves' project "Up&Down on a Gregotti stair" for each photograph purchased in the "Photographers for Ukraine" movement. The unit price of the 84 photographs offered by 28 photographers of 11 nationalities is 150 euros. In your order, indicate the name of the photo you want to receive free of charge.



Ten years have passed since Fernando Gonçalves started photographing a staircase by Gregotti at the Berardo Collection Museum, in Lisbon.

The Museum is part of the various services included in the Centro Cultural de Belém, a project by Vittorio Gregotti and the architecture firm Risco.

During these ten years Fernando Gonçalves photographed the stairs from the emotions it aroused, not only the stairs themselves, but also installations created by Miguel Palma, Alexander Calder, Joana Vasconcelos, João Pedro Vale  Robert Longo and Julião Sarmento.