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Published on 11 January 2021 at 11:36

Esther Teichmann is a London-based artist whose large format photography and multimedia installations trace a lyrical investigation into the nature of loss, desire, and fantasy.

Teichmann creates a world of womb-like sanctuaries: dripping caves, forest swamps, canopied beds. Bodies are turned away, always just beyond reach. The viewer is immersed in details of light and skin: silky twilight shadows, soft hair on a lover’s neck, the intricate pattern of a mother’s stretch marks. Here, the mother and lover are deeply connected through the sensation that Teichmann describes in her writing as “homesickness”, a primordial longing to return to a place before birth.

Narratives are fractured, paralleled, and interwoven, blurring the boundaries between fiction and autobiography. Real and imagined experiences are intimately staged and mythologized in an evocative exploration of the origins of ...


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